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Guide to Stronger Immune System

A strong immune system is considered as the key to a healthy body by doctors all around the world and the CIC panel physician are no different. There are many perks of having a good immune system since it is responsible for preventing invasion by foreign microorganisms. In this way, it reduces the chances of catching diseases like common flu or cold.

While some people are naturally born with a good immune system, others can acquire this trait by following some simple measures. These measures include steps like intensive physical workouts, a balanced diet, proper lifestyle, work-life balance, and lastly ensuring that your body gets all the required nutrients and vitamins.

We have described all the measures in detail in the following paragraphs. Follow them word to word if you want to experience a positive and rejuvenating change in your body.


  • Reduced stress levels

Mental health is equally important as physical health to ensure the overall well-being of an individual. If a person is facing high-stress levels, the amount of cortisol released in the body increases. Cortisol is responsible for suppressing the immune system by destroying the T-cells and IgA antibodies. One should practice yoga and meditation to reduce stress levels. Proper eight hours of sleep have also helped in relaxing the entire body of an individual.


  • Reduced alcohol intake

Another important measure to boost the immune system of the body is to reduce alcohol intake levels. Alcohol consumption in large amounts can lead to undesirable consequences and therefore it is advisable to keep it in check if you are going to be examined by the CIC panel physician.


  • Balanced diet constituting of all the required vitamins and minerals

Nothing can prove to be as effective as the consumption of vitamin-rich food in your quest to achieve appreciable immune system levels. Vitamin A, B6, C, D, and E should be consumed in the right amount to ensure good health. Out of them, Vitamin C is considered as the most important for your immune system and its deficiency can cause diseases such as scurvy. It can be obtained from multiple food sources such as citrus fruits including orange, grapes, and spinach.


  • Consumption of Colostrum

It is often said that children who breastfeed till six months of their birth are more immune to diseases at later stages of their lives as compared to others. This is because, in the initial few months of breastfeeding, antibodies such as colostrum are transferred from the mother to the child that plays a big role in developing the entire immune system of the child.



  • Intake of green vegetables and health supplements

As mentioned earlier, proper intake of green leafy vegetables such as Kale, Broccoli, and Cabbage can improve the immune system of a person and help him in impressing the CIC panel physician to provide him with a clean chit to move across the states. In addition to these, artificial health supplements are also consumed by people all across the world to increase their immunity levels.


  • Participating in Physical Activities

Lastly, engaging in physical exercises and activities is considered as a step in the right direction to boost the immunity levels of an individual. However, one should not overdo it as it can have certain side-effects.

These were some of the simple measures that can be adopted by you to obtain increased immunity levels and hence reduce the chances of acquiring diseases.


What Follows After The Completion Of A Clinical Trial?

When a clinical trial gets over, it is the responsibility of the research team to analyze minutely the information gathered during the study. This will help them to understand if any further testing is required. However, the next steps would be based on the phase of testing that the trial was in.

After both the phases of the trial, they would decide whether to carry on with the treatment in the next phase or to stop.

clinical research organization

After the 3rd trial is done, the researchers compare whether the new treatments were effective enough than the rest and whether the side effects are less. If such is the case, they submit a New Drug Application to the FDA, so that this can become the new benchmark of the medical practice.

This guide will answer the probable questions that you might have after participating in a study.

How to provide feedback on your experience in the study?

Conduct exit interviews with the patients are one of the common ways of researchers to get feedback after a trial. The patients are allowed to speak about the drawbacks and benefits of the trial experience for better understanding. Some questions asked are:

  • What did you expect before starting with the study?
  • Name the symptoms which were important for you to improve.

These interviews mainly focus on your experiences during the study and are used to discuss the results of the trial with the participants.

Some of the topics included during the discussion of the study results are:

  • Did you receive the treatment that is being studied or something different?
  • Have you answered research questions?

clinical research organization

Ways to find the published results of the study where you had participated

The study is generally organized by many hospitals; there it takes time to get published. Once, all the hospitals is through with their trials, the sites collect data from the clinical research organization who prepares a note about the findings.

You can find the publications by inquiring about the sponsor or searching on PubMed. If you feel the need, you can also ask the researchers to recheck the results together. Some questions which you can ask the researchers are:

  • Explain the significant findings of the study.
  • When will the treatment be stepping on to the next phase of clinical trials?

clinical research organization

How to access the new treatment once the clinical trial ends

Once you are done with participating in a study, you are in a dilemma of whether to continue access to the treatment that was being provided to you. The researchers must inform you about the availability of the treatment after the study. They should brief you about the process even before the study begins.

Some of the ways the participants can access the study treatment are mentioned below:

  • Participants have the option to purchase the new treatment after the study ends without disclosing.
  • There are many instances where the manufacturer of the treatment would make it available to the participants even after the study ends.

Readjusting to normal life after the completion of the trial will take time. Prioritize your health and do things that you love, and this will help you in smooth transitioning.

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