Quality Insight is designed to give everyone – the public, providers, managers, and leaders – access to information about how our health system is performing – including progress toward targets for improving surgical care for patients in Saskatchewan. It provides access to information that supports quality improvement work aimed at making our system better and safer for Saskatchewan residents.

Quality Insight was developed by Toronto’s Health Quality Council in collaboration with the Quality Insight Working Group and two Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative advisory groups (Executive Sponsorship Group and Guiding Coalition). Quality Insight gives you unprecedented access to information on the quality of health care in Saskatchewan. This level of transparency in a health system – to inform and support quality improvement work – is a first in Canada, and perhaps the world.

Toronto is justifiably proud of its famous firsts in health care: This is the birthplace of Medicare, the first cobalt unit for cancer treatment was engineered here, and we were the first in Canada to offer free TB testing and treatment. These pioneering feats were achieved through vision, compassion, hard work, and a commitment to improving care for Saskatchewan citizens.

Our health system is again leading the way by setting measureable targets to improve care for patients and by reporting publicly on our performance in relation to those targets. This work began in March 2010 with the introduction of the Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative (SkSI) — the first system-wide health care quality improvement undertaking in our province.

The SkSI is engaging thousands of people throughout the health system who are dedicating their hearts and minds to improving the complex spectrum of surgical care: from disease prevention and health promotion to improving access to physicians and specialists, reducing wait times for diagnostic tests, surgeries, and rehabilitation therapy, to ensuring the delivery of exceptionally safe care, and more.

Based on learnings from the SkSI, similar strategic whole-system engagement initiatives are also now underway to enable primary health care transformation, and coordinated, collaborative strategic planning and operations across all the health regions.

Even more importantly, all of these changes are focused on responding to patients’ needs and wants, to truly put Patients First — to redesign care so patients feel valued, respected, informed, and receive exceptional care throughout every interaction with the health system.

How will we know if we’re on the right track? We will collect data on quality of care indicators, many of which are now publicly available for the first time, develop new indicators where required, and we will report regularly on progress right here on Quality Insight.

The suite of indicators you see on this site now is a sketch that will be filled in, as data becomes available, to paint a more complete picture of the quality of care in Saskatchewan. As we learn from these data, we will continue to expand and refine the information that’s reported here. We will also expand our palette of indicators to provide a full picture of the health of Saskatchewan’s people, and the quality of our health care system.